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Archived: In the Press! Mr and Mrs...

Now we're really digging through the archives!  But I couldn't resist sharing this post with you; an article with Caroline Storah of  the Liverpool Echo from, wait for it - 19th December 2001!

Now, it's probably more suited to our friends over at Bespoken Dreams Wedding Design and Consultancy, but seeing as Karen and I celebrate our 10th anniversary this year, I thought it quite apt! (And also because I scored very highly on it. Ahem...)

Good to see the lovely Justine Mills and Gerry Mannix of Liverpool's exclusive Cricket Fashion joining in on the fun!

"IT'S Christmas morning. He hands you a present with that romantic look in his eyes.
Do you tear off the paper ready to swoon knowing it's going to be just perfect?
Or do you secretly think: "Hope he's kept the receipt."
Just how good is your man at buying your special gift?
We tested out four couples in a Mr and Mrs-style quiz to find if she's going to get a cracker of a pressie next Tuesday morning . . . or a turkey.

First we asked her what she wanted, then asked him the same set to see if he guessed right. Here's how they went on. . .

Matt Cox, 32, and Karen Yoxall, 27 The artistic director at Andrew Collinge and database developer at United Biscuits live together.

If money were no object. . .

What she'd want: A holiday though we are going on honeymoon next year to Hawaii and Las Vegas

What he'd buy: "A holiday, " he says. "Last Christmas I bought us a holiday in New York and it was fantastic. Though it would be nice to pay off all the wedding costs in one go."

If he was buying perfume. . .

What she'd want: "He bought me Gucci Envy for my birthday so something different, " she says.

What he'd buy: Something other than Gucci. 

If he was buying a dress. . .

What size she takes: 8/10

What size he'd buy: 8/10

If he was buying a video. . .

What she'd want: Bridget Jones'd Diary.

What he'd buy: Bridget Jones's Diary.

If he was buying jewellery would it be gold or silver. . .

What she'd want: Gold.

What he'd buy: Gold.

If he was buying her a book. . .

What she'd want: Harry Potter.

What he'd buy: Harry Potter.

Justine Mills and Gerry Mannix The couple have been together 10 years and are co-owners of Cricket designer clothes store in Cavern Walks.

If money were no object. . .

What she'd want: "A gold BMW says Justine. "I think they are gorgeous. I saw one in Cold Feet and drooled.

What he'd buy: "A gold BMW Z3, " says Gerry, gaining top marks. "They're about pounds 30,000 and it's out of the question for now."

If he was buying perfume. . .

What she'd want: Cristalle by Chanel. About pounds 40.

What he'd buy: "I just don't know admits Gerry. "I don't think she's wearing any at the moment."

If he were buying a dress. . .

What size she takes: 12/14 - depending on the label.

What size he'd buy: 14

If he were buying a video. . .

What she wants: "Gone With The Wind, " says Justine. "It's a tear jerker at the end and I love that."

What he'd buy: "Something like the Godfather or Sopranos, " says Gerry - and is totally off the mark. "She likes the tough guys."

If he were buying jewellery would it be silver or gold. . .

What she'd want: "Neither - platinum!"

What he'd buy: "Silver. I bought her a diamond silver ring which she loves."

If he were buying a designer label. . .

What she'd want: "Chloe, definitely, " she says. "I have just bought a feminine top from the next spring collection. I always feel lovely in it and that gives me confidence."

What he'd buy: Chloe or Dolce and Gabbana.

If he were buying a book. . .

What she'd want: "I love the classics. I'm trying to read stuff I missed at school, " says Justine.
What he'd buy: "Any classic like Dickens or Jane Austen."

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